Battery Saver Pro 2018 APK Download - Free Tools APP

Well, without any doubt, battery doctor apk is one of the best Android battery saving app which you can have. The app is meant to improve the health of your battery. However, apart from just serving as a battery saving app, it also hosts lots of other features which we are going to discuss down below.


1-Tap Optimization

This is the only reliable battery save app available for the Android operating system that allows users to optimize their Android with a single tap of a button.

Monitor Your Battery

The app comes with several indicators which allow users to track the health of their battery in real-time. You can use Battery Doctor Apk to monitor charging status also.

Know Your Battery Status

With the help of Battery Doctor Apk, you can find out how much time your battery has. Suppose you are playing a game, the app can show you how long your battery can last.

Quick Access

This is the only battery saver app available on Android’s Google Play Store that gives quick access to some system settings like Data, WiFi, Brightness, Airplane Mode and more.

Cool Down Battery

This awesome battery saving app for Android comes with an extraordinary feature in which you can cool down your battery temperature. You can find out apps which are causing your battery to overheat and can kill it.

Awesome Interface

Well, interface plays a crucial role in the success of any app meant for Android. Guess what? The Battery Doctor Apk comes with an awesome interface which doesn’t feel heavy on user’s eye.

These are just a few features of Battery Doctor Apk which we have mentioned above. Apart from all of these, Battery Doctor houses lots of other features which you can explore while using the app.